Iron and Steel

Iron and Steel is a VR sword fighting game. This is an ongoing project that I started in May 2017. I am working independently, writing my own scripts and generating art assets using Adobe Illustrator CS5 and Blender. My focus on this project is to make a well polished game that is entertaining as well as aesthetically cohesive.

I am currently working in Unity version 5.6.1 and using the HTC Vive. I have been utilizing the SteamVR plugin to assist with the VR interactions using the HTC Vive motion controllers. My primary focus has been on making sure that there is as little disconnect as possible between the player and the virtual space. Most of my efforts so far have been on the feedback the player has when their sword interacts with different objects in the scene. My hopes are to have this game published by the end of summer on Steam.


VRoom is a VR car combat game inspired by Mad Max and Borderlands. This was a 15 week large group project for an independant study/production studio that consisted of 4 artist, 3 programmers and 1 producer. We utilize programs like Photoshop and Maya for the art team and to develop the game we used Unreal Engine 4.14.3.

The Goal of the game is for the player to protect their cargo from incoming bandits that are trying to steal it from them. My contributions to the project were Code Team Lead as well as working on the interactions the player has with various objects in the scene. I focused on allowing the player to steer the car, adjust the speed using the gear shift and stopping. I also worked on the basics for picking up the gun. Aside from VR interactions I worked on bringing sound file, playing the animations for the hands and gun and adding in haptic feedback when the player hovers over interactable objects.

Aside from programming, my position of Code Team Lead meant that I had to schedule regular progress report meetings with the other 2 programmers on the team as well as set up the GitLab repository and report the progress to the producer of the team.

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Tap N' Smash

This was a 6 week class project completed with one other classmate. The goal of the game is to simply obtain the the highest score possible. The core mechanic of the game is to tap blocks that fall from the sky until they break. If the whole screen fills up with clocks then it is game over. This game utilizes the Phaser API for the object system, collision detection and particle emitters. This game can be played on any web browser including mobile browsers.

My major responsibilities for the project consisted of creating the lose condition, and using the API’s collision detection and writing my own resolution for how I wanted the blocks to stack on top of eachother.

Play on the web here.


This was a 15 week long project for a production studio class. The work was divided into an art and code team. This was a 3D turn based strategy game made in Unity 5.3 where the player would give commands to NPC’s. These NPC’s would then decide if they wanted to listen to the player depending how much they affiliated with the player.

My responsibilities for the project started off as the lead AI developer. I was tasked with creating a system the worked similar to bark system used by Valve in the Left 4 Dead games. This system worked by having a conditions saved to a text file that would be read in by the game and then compared to make an NPC bark as well as change the current state of the character which would dictate what attacks to use.

My second responsibility was the programming team mentor. As the programming team mentor I was tasked with showing the less experienced members of the team how to use Unity’s UI editor as well as other helpful knowledge when using unity like how to set references to other game objects with or without doing it through the editor.